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Out now

Reviewed on Nintendo Switch

Sockventure is a platforming game developed by Nighthouse games, It’s out now on Nintendo switch, here’s a bit more about the game-

‘Sockventure is a story about a kid whose favourite sock gets eaten by a cursed washing machine. Kid needs immediate help and calls superhero to the rescue and the adventure begins. Make your way through the dangerous levels to find the missing sock inside the washing machine!’

From the word go i loved Sockventure, being a fan of precision platformers as they probably should be called more often. The game looks fantastic, there’s a cheeky intro cutscene in which you are picking up your socks just before you get introduced to the 2d platforming environment you play through. Levels are well drawn and look really pleasing on the eye and generally speaking it’s a good looking game throughout. 

On to the Gameplay and Sockventure had me completely hooked. The platforming is highly enjoyable and not only do I love the challenge but I also enjoy how precise you need to be in order to reach your goal. When you hook up a level the whole thing really flows and it’s a deeply enjoyable and gratifying experience, one I indulged in for hours. Such a simple game but so highly addictive. 

Controls feel tight both handheld and docked, which I think is key as the NS is such a versatile system. I didn’t feel like the game was any harder handheld v docked with a controller and I still really enjoyed my experience across both options. Hitting platforms perfectly and timing your wall jumps to perfection isn’t held back by lag or control issues. 

A quick mention for the story, which truth be told does the job but its not the main reason why you’re here,basically a kids favourite sock gets munched by the washing machine and away you go in essence, i wouldn’t be 100% sure as to what the superhero is but again it’s semantics. The story and its intro does enough to get you into the game but honestly the gameplay is what hooks you. 

Overall 9/10

Sockventure is an absolute cracker of a game. While the story just serves as a minor footnote, the gameplay is fantastic and solid controls plus a great experience either docked or handheld means sockventure is for me a must have title. It plays great and looks fantastic.

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