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Red wings american aces is a flight combat game Published by All in Games, its a spin off to popular title Red wings Ages of the Sky, here’s a bit more about the game from the Publisher

Red Wings: American Aces puts you in the pilot’s seat of a nostalgic, action-packed arcade shooter illustrated in a fun comic-book style with a gaming mode for everyoccasion—local or online, solo or multiplayer.

Prove yourself in exciting aerial battles and make a name for your squad as the best aces of WWI!


Red wings American Aces looks fantastic on Nintendo switch both docked and handheld. It’s a fast paced flight combat game that is really well suited on switch with no frame dropping or framerate issues. The aircraft you can select look great and that’s partially due to the cell shading which I always think looks fantastic. 


Redwings is pretty fast paced. The story mode is objective based and as you duck and dive through the missions you’re faced with an array of different challenges. I found nothing to be frustrated about and the difficulty curve was very steady making for plenty of enjoyment. There’s plenty of different aircraft to choose from and as you unlock them you can also add different skins in order to give your aircraft more of a customised feel.

One thing i was really impressed with was the combat, being more arcadey there’s no need to lead the enemy plane making this really easy for new players to get into, you still face a tough challenge though ducking and diving your opponents in what can be really intense fights, health and fuel markers help you to even things up while an array of powers mean that you can gain the upper hand should things get tough. 

There is online multiplayer which i’m yet to explore, i will update the review when i’ve played a few hours. 

Overall- 8.5/10

Redwings American Aces is great at home or on the go. It looks great and feels really at home on the Nintendo Switch, and with a steady difficulty curve and some really great combat, I think it’s a must play title with plenty to enjoy.

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