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Reviewed on PC

Fix Fox Is an indie adventure game developed by Rendlike. Its out march 31st 2022. On Steam, here’s a bit more about the game from the developer-

‘Arriving on a curious planet, Vix and her toolbox Tin explore space, fixing machines with unconventional tools and eating cosy meals with kind robot locals. On an epic adventure, the duo repairs an interstellar beacon, constructs giant mechs, and unravels a cosmic mystery that transcends existence.’

Graphics and Audio

Vix’s adventure takes place in a pixel art styled  top down perspective. In which graphically the game looks really good, the environment is bright and good to view while more detailed areas see plenty of low detail items added and with the addition of other bots or NPC’s it can really look like the area’s you venture to are full of hustle and bustle. It does feel a little lacking though in terms of detail and I do feel like some areas are sparsely populated especially when exploring. 

As for audio there’s no voice acting but the soundtrack you accompanied with on your ventures is really fitting to the game. There’s  a very relaxed tone to the game  and the dev’s have achieved that well. 


The game centres around fixing things to get meal tickets and then using those to find out information over a meal. After the initial tutorial style introduction you lose all your tools and are forced to find items that have the property of the tool you need to use in order to fix the thing you’re trying to fix. For example a coin is flat so it can be used to unscrew screws. It’s pretty ingenious and I think it’s a fantastic way to have an adventure. After a certain amount of items have been found Pirates will come along and take anything you’ve stolen from them so you have to be smart at how you use tools you find otherwise you may just lose that item you needed.

Overall- 8.5/10

Overall Fixfox is a pretty delightful adventure that is trying to do something totally different, the art style is fantastic and the adventure you go on fixing your way through is pretty exciting and different.

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