T Reviews- Submerged: Hidden Depths

Reviewed on PC

Available onSteam, ps4,Ps5 and xbox s/x stadia

Submerged: hidden depths is an Exploration game developed by Uppercut Games Pty Ltd. it’s out now on Steam, ps4,Ps5, xbox s/x and google Stadia . Here’s a bit more about the game-

‘A drowned city, crumbling tips of skyscrapers stubbornly standing above the waves. Deserted villages, now inhabited by enigmatic creatures. And beneath the surging ocean waits an anguished, angry presence.’

Graphics & audio

visually , Submerged is stunning, the environment is an absolutely beautiful post apocalyptic world in which nature has taken back over. As you explore you’re met with beautiful visual moments as the sun cuts through a ruined city overtaken by the sea and you can’t help but take a moment to have a look at such a truly stunning scene. As you explore further the area’s in which you go searching are teeming with life of a very different kind and its jaw dropping. So much time and effort has been placed into the graphical polish to make sure that the game looks absolutely stunning. 

There’s nothing by the way of voice acting, but audio queues and a lovely background track help you enjoy your Relaxploration. The sounds of the sea are fantastic too, with dolphins and whales breaking water and not only looking absolutely stunning but sound incredible too. Submerged is an absolute feast for the eyes and ears, an absolute work of art. 


You’re basically given an idea of what you’re looking for and let loose, as mentioned above the developer has aimed for a more relaxing exploration route with no combat so your focus is 100% on looking around and finding things. Once you’ve used your boat to sail to an area that requires more on foot exploration you will need to do some more platforming, however just using w key and moving the character around as you need will get you through the obstacles you face. Creating difficulty in those areas would’ve gone against what the dev set out to do so I applaud them for sticking to their ethos. A truly frustration free experience. 

There’s more than just the main quest to follow too, there’s other items to discover and animals roaming around for you to add to your journal. it was fantastic watching some of aquatic life and the way it moves, truly stunning and really stuck out for me

The story see’s you ‘Take on the role of Miku and Taku – one cursed with a mysterious power that she wants to use for good, the other determined not to let it tear them apart.’  I honestly think that there’s been an attempt to be as hands off as possible with regards to the story and there’s no harm in doing so. The narrative is played out as you play rather than big cutscenes interrupting enjoyment.

Overall- 9.5/10

Submerged has been developed with a clear goal in mind and done incredibly well. This is a sensational enjoyment focussed Relaxploration game that defines the genre. Its visually stunning and fantastic audio teamed up with incredibly enjoyable relaxed gameplay mean that Submerged: Hidden Depths is a must have title

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