First look- No Place Like Home

Reviewed on PC (Steam)

No place like home is an adventure/ management game developed by Chicken Launcher and published by Realms Distribution, its currently out now on steam in Early Access, here’s a bit more about the game-

‘Humanity Trashed the Earth and left for Mars. Only a few remained. EXPLORE the world. Clean the environment, CRAFT with recycled resources. Domesticate animals. Rebuild your village. Restore the environment and run your own post-apo FARM as there is No Place Like Home!’

With the game in early access I don’t like to give a score or do a full review. But my first impressions of the game are good, it’s very relaxed like Stardew Valley and the angle of turning trash into something useful is certainly a different angle to what’s usually seen. I enjoy the loop with the crafting cycle and recycling is actually pretty enjoyable. 

Graphically the game looks good, it’s not exactly cutting edge but it’s an enjoyable environment. Trash mounds break nicely and the enemies you encounter look good. There’s a couple of areas to work on with some minor placing issues when building certain buildings and I don’t really know about how items fall out of the crafting station, I’d rather they were straight into your inventory.

Overall it’s a great start, No Place Like Home is a very nice and relaxing life sim style game that has a different twist. A little more polish and some minor changes and it’ll turn out a very solid game come full release 

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