T’s First look -Submerged: Hidden Depths

Submerged: hidden depths is an Exploration game developed by Uppercut Games Pty Ltd. it’s out March 10th on Steam, ps4,Ps5, xbox s/x and google Stadia . Here’s a bit more about the game-

‘A drowned city, crumbling tips of skyscrapers stubbornly standing above the waves. Deserted villages, now inhabited by enigmatic creatures. And beneath the surging ocean waits an anguished, angry presence.’

First impressions of Submerged are really good. What the game is attempting to do has been done really well from what I’ve played so far. Graphically the game is absolutely Jaw Dropping and it really makes use of every effect possible to deliver a fantastic experience. Here’s a couple of snaps-

I’ll be following up with a full review closer to the release date!

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