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Warno is a strategy game developed by eugen systems. The game is out now on PC and I didn’t hesitate to take command! Here’s a bit more about the game 

‘Deploy into an authentic, expansive, and meticulously researched Cold War real-time strategy game with WARNO. As the spiritual successor to the acclaimed Wargame series, WARNO is the ultimate next-gen World War III battle simulator.

Two years have passed since Gorbachev’s overthrow in a coup by hardline communists, and now, in the dark summer days of 1989, the Cold War finally turns hot. The armies of NATO and Warsaw Pact have deployed in a divided and tense Germany. Conflict is imminent. The only thing left is to wait for the inevitable Warning Order that will begin it all. War is coming home, commanders…’

With Warno fully released but some modes not yet available I’m not going to take the usual review route. 

That said, warno is graphically an impressive game, the transition from well above the war to in the thick of it with your troops is seamless, and that is incredibly impressive how you can one minute be getting a big picture overview and then with a scroll of the mouse wheel you can be in the thick of it moving troops to gain a tactical edge. On the ground the fighting looks impressive too, units are converging on positions in many different ways and it really is difficult to not get engrossed just watching the combat.

So far, Skirmish and online are the only two modes available, with everything else on the way, which is fine but I would have expected the title to be in early access while some more modes are added to the game. As a totally new player it was a little daunting when I got started on my first skirmish but after an hour or so I did manage to learn the basics. There will eventually be a tutorial mode which will be very very helpful. 

I didn’t get involved in a skirmish as i couldn’t find a game, id of been largely useless anyway online! 

Overall- 7.5/10

It’s hard to put a score on Warno because really it’s an early Access title. None of the other modes have yet been added and even the basics such as a tutorial in order to just get the basic idea aren’t yet available. Gameplay and Graphically through, warno is incredible and offers a really strong and challenging experience. Less confident or experienced players should hold off and wait for at least a tutorial but if this sort of game is your bread and butter then dive right in! 

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