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Lacuna Is a story driven sci fi Puzzle game developed by Digitales and published by Assemble Entertainment. It’s out now and available on PC via Steam and GOG. Here’s a bit more about the game-

‘You are Neil Conrad, CDI agent. Awoken by the news of a murder, you rush into a case that will soon turn your life and the whole solar system upside down. Ask questions, collect evidence, and put the pieces together until the ugly truth reveals itself… or not. Lacuna’s story branches and ends based on your decisions.’

Graphics & audio

Lacuna utilises the 16 bit artstyle and a side on perspective which can make traversing the environment a little tricky at first, stairs don’t look like stairs but once you know what you’re looking for it’s a breeze. Areas that you play through are well drawn and really beautiful. It’s combined well with good voice acting conveying the different characters you interact with over your time playing Lacuna. The Sci Fi Noir vibe is completed well with good background music and ambient sounds of the hustle and bustle of the city. Overall a well crafted game that creates a really great vibe. 

Story and Gameplay

Because of the side on perspective I did find there was a little bit of a learning curve initially. But after a few moments getting used to the world I played in I felt really comfortable. There’s a lot of conversation in Lacuna and you really have to observe what’s being said and make sure you interact with the things around you. Running past the news stand and not downloading the news for the day meant I didn’t know something that would be a component in the case I was working on. So paying attention to everything is key.

There’s plenty of aid in Lacuna if you get stuck. Highlighting interactable things and showing you dialogue are two ways in which the game keeps you on a steady track. Those little things can save any confusion and frustration which i like. Saving is also rather interestingly restricted. This means that the decisions you make are final. Unless you want to start the whole thing again. I got the shooters location wrong and a call shortly followed to correct me which does mean that the penalty for getting things wrong is somewhat minimised. 

What sits at the forefront of Lacuna is the story. It’s deep and engaging, and you can quite easily get wrapped up in it. It’s well told and evolves as you get things right or wrong. I won’t go deeper into the story because I hate spoiling but it’s very good. 

Overall 8/10

A great story, with some great mechanics and some enthralling puzzles. If you can get into Lacuna you’ll be well rewarded and it will be an incredibly enjoyable experience. 

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