T Reviews Scrapland remastered

Scrapland remastered is an action/adventure game developed and published by Mercury Team. its out now on steam, here’s a bit more about the game-

‘The cult game that marked MercurySteam’s origins returns; a sci-fi adventure with memorable characters, powerful ships and humour! Enjoy intense Multiplayer battles and races with ships you build.’

Now because this game is a remaster I thought I’d talk about it a little differently. Things like graphics and audio along with narrative have moved on and it’s unfair to review this game like it’s a new IP. 

With a  dash of expectation management, Scrapland is a very well remastered game. Graphically it’s clean, and the game has come up pretty well, maxxed out I’m managing tonnes of FPS and the game runs incredibly well. It looks fantastic and they’ve knocked a lot of age off with the remaster.

Gameplay is generally very good. The introductions of old are still present as this is basically a like-for-like remaster with no changes made to the original game. Some of the narrative shows age v what were used to now but as long as you take into account this title is a remaster of the 2005 original then you can forgive its old age humour. The racing and combat is solid and the environment you fly through is really nice, it obviously looks a little aged but for a 16 year old game it’s great. ships are buildable and modifiable and I found that aspect to be incredibly intriguing. 

Overall- 8/10

Scrapland has had a fantastic remaster. It looks really crisp and clean and it plays very well at max on my PC. The game itself has plenty to interest new players as well as die-hard fans of the title. And while the narrative can be a bit aged it’s still a good experience. 

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