T Reviews -The Light Bringer

Reviewed on PC

Available on Nintendo Switch & PC

** DISCLAIMER- I only take images from the early parts of the game to avoid spoilers**

The Light Bringer is an Adventure Platformer Developed by Rock Square Thunder and published by Zordix Publishing its out now on Nintendo Switch and PC, here’s a bit more- 

‘The Lightbringer is an adventure platformer for Nintendo Switch featuring light combat and puzzle elements. Travel through 3 distinct biomes (water/islands, sky/mountains, ice/tundras)and fight the corruption that has claimed the lands.’

Graphics & audio

The Light Bringer is a pretty stunning game visually. The world you venture through is diverse and vibrant, while the various challenges you face look really really good. Audio follows on well with plenty of ambient sounds along with a pretty relaxing soundtrack. The voice acting and rhyming is at times a little stretched with occasionally dialogue not making any sense. It only cropped up occasionally so it wasn’t a huge issue.


The Light Bringer is a puzzle platformer and it’s incredibly good at what it does, the puzzle areas are very well thought out and largely it’s an enjoyable experience with the only frustrating thing being that if you die, you have to start the whole level again, there’s plenty of exploring to do and your trusty boomerang comes in handy to hit boxes that in turn help you open up areas. There’s a very zelda-esque vibe to the game and it feels very good for it. 


The story is somewhat forgettable, a tale of greed leading to disaster with the corruption spreading throughout the lands. You are then placed into the role as saviour after your sister was chosen to be the Lightbringer. You share her powers. Your task is to find your sister and save the world. It’s there and it does the job of introducing you to the game but really it doesn’t do much more.

Overall- 8/10

Brilliant gameplay and lush worlds to explore make it easy to overlook a somewhat cliche storyline. It’s a fantastic looking game and it’s incredibly enjoyable to play. I love the environments and the core gameplay and that’s what allows the Lightbringer to really shine. 

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