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Reviewed on PC

Available on PC (steam)

Mage Drops is a mini golf game with a big twist, it’s developed by Orchid of Redemption and published byLamplight Forest. Here’s a bit more about the game-

‘Mage Drops’ is a golf-like platformer with a fantasy twist. Combining traditional golf & mini-golf with elements of puzzle platforming, it evolves the hit-and-wait formula of golf by adding *magic*!

You play as The Mage – a young wizard travelling across the multiverse. As you advance through 8 unique worlds, learn to master your arcane powers to solve weird & mind-bending challenges.

Harness your abilities to manipulate physics. Solve puzzles. Discover collectibles. And learn the secret of the Mage Drops…’


Mage drops is a side-on game and the graphics overall are of good quality, your character is well drawn and the levels you play through look really good, i like the way that objects fade in and out with the shift key and that animation is really slick. Overall a simple but very solid looking game visually


It’s pretty much as you’d expect with getting the ball into the hole the main objective, but there’s a big and refreshing twist on that, the addition of magic does allow you to have a bit more control of both the environment your playing in and the ball, using shift you can (where prompted) add leaves to a tree for example in order to create a platform for the ball to land on. Also using the W and S keys you can either make the ball roll more or less in order to get the shot perfect, which really helps as levels do get really tricky. 

The ball physics are good and that’s very important for a game like this. The ball being predictable means you can really play those big shots to get a hole in one or just across a tricky section of the level. 

My one criticism of Mage drops is that after the tutorial you don’t get any explanation of what anything else does, are clouds platforms? How do the bubbles work? Is the bush with an eye good or bad? A little bit of padding here would really help players to understand the game a bit more. 

I did run into one or two issues, the ball got caught on the fans on a few occasions and when you hit the ball out of play after teeing off so to speak when the ball is reset you no longer have the tee. Which actually on one or two levels was a really big issue for clearing obstacles etc.

Overall 7.5/10

Mage Drops is just a solid little mini golf game with a neat twist making for different and interesting gameplay, the 8 worlds offer plenty to play through and the levels are both different and very good looking. Worth a try without a doubt

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