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Reviewed on Nintendo Switch

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The Long Gate is a Puzzle game developed by David Shaw and published by Inductance LLC. it’s out on Nintendo switch on July 29th. Here’s a bit more about the game-

‘The Long Gate is a challenging and beautiful single-player, first-person, puzzle game. On a mission from the enigmatic creators of this place, you will explore ancient caverns filled with mysterious devices and traverse relaxing oases of nature while learning to solve the three primary types of puzzles that wind through them. Repair the ancient circuits and unravel the mystery of what happened to their creators.’


As far as the Nintendo Switch goes, it isn’t the most powerful piece of hardware out there and some of you that will read this review will also rush to email me and let me know it’s on PC.  But we’re here to review the Nintendo switch version and I was ever so slightly underwhelmed by how The Long Gate looked on NS. While the puzzles looked good the caverns you explored looked a little lacking and that’s mostly due to the lack of power the handheld possesses and the difficulties in porting to the system. 

In some areas the game’s audio is lovely, as you complete puzzles you get really nice soundtracks played to you and the sounds are lovely. Puzzle pieces are dropped into place with a clunk and a rather upbeat tone tells you you’ve completed a puzzle or a part of it. 


Being a diehard puzzle fan I couldn’t wait to jump in and sink my teeth into The Long Gate. After an abrupt start you move forward in a portal style manner to find your tool to help you complete the circuit based  puzzles. They start basic but there’s no real introduction to the mechanics of the game. You’re just dropped into a puzzle and you’re to work it out. I love the way that the puzzles are layered, completing one leads to you completing the next and that in turn completes the whole puzzle. But without a real idea of what I was doing I was more or less stumbling through each puzzle. Moving things around without understanding what I was doing. 

Even for me The Long Gate is a bit much in terms of complexity, the lack of introduction doesn’t help either. There may be die-hard fans licking their lips at the thought of playing The Long gate and that’s fine. But I found it to be hard work and more of a job than an enjoyable experience. It’s a title that will appeal to a niche group and while again, that’s completely fine, casual gamers and players of this genre will feel out of their depth. Even with the additional nudge selected in the difficulty settings I still felt pretty clueless.

Overall 6/10

I wanted to like it more, but The Long Gate caters to puzzle players of the die hard variety. A lack of introduction or explanation of mechanics left me alienated at times and completing puzzles by stumbling across the correct combination. The soundtrack is brilliant and despite the obvious limitations of the Switch graphically the game looks as good as it possibly can. If you love tough puzzles though this is definitely a must play.

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