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Released on PC

Out now

Price £3.99

The Virus is a puzzle game from Elusive Panda Games, it’s out now on Steam. Here’s a bit more about the game- 

‘Play as a White Blood Cell whose home has been invaded by viruses. Your job is to protect the red blood cells by collecting them. Navigate through a variety of challenging levels, collecting all of the red blood cells and avoiding the viruses in hopes to rid your home of The Virus.

Graphics & audio

The Virus is pretty unique in its setting, I mean I’m assuming you’re inside someone’s body collecting those red blood cells? Either way, it looks brilliant and is an incredibly unique environment. There’s plenty of different viruses for you to dodge and escape and they all have a different way of sending you back to the start. They all look fantastic and combined with what I’m assuming is the inside of someone’s body it certainly looks great and is a totally different environment to set a puzzle game in. 

Audio is a little basic, just background music. Which is good, the music is somewhat calm and relaxed and helps you to immerse yourself.  but it’d be great to maybe have a bit more life. Make you feel like you’re really inside someone gathering red blood cells in order to save someone’s life. 


Playing The Virus is a somewhat love-hate relationship. You want to love it and it at times hates you. First off, the physics of the White cell are near perfect. The cell rolls in ways you’d expect and controlling it is delightfully easy. Some of the levels are really fantastic, they’re challenging and enjoyable but not too easy or difficult that you feel unchallenged or frustrated. 

As you delve deeper into The Virus though it can become a bit intimidating. Which to a certain extent it should, it is afterall a puzzle game and you should expect a challenge, but at times you do feel a little shortchanged with how harsh the game can be on some levels. But that said the basic essence of a great puzzle game is here. And in the moments where you finally nail that one level you actually feel what the dev has set out to do. The Virus is easy to learn but hard to master. And while some will eat this up and love it from start to finish, more casual players won’t enjoy it as much. 

The Future for The Virus

After playing The Virus some of the comments the Developer has made make perfect sense, basically the game is going to get a bit of a makeover and some improvements as well as a bit of work on levels with a couple of additions. It is worth noting that early adopters purchasing pre-update will get the new upgrade for free. I will be looking at these changes when the update lands and I’ll adjust my review score accordingly. 

Overall- 7/10

A brilliant idea, some great cell physics and beautiful levels to play in cancelled out somewhat by some levels being more evil than others. The Virus looks great, feels great and when you play a good level with a solid but not overly tough challenge you feel rewarded.  Hardcore puzzlers will love this to bits while players looking for a casual kick will drop it too soon. 

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