T Reviews- Restless night

Reviewed on Nintendo Switch

Price 4.99

Restless night is a twin stick shooter Developed by HugePixel and Published by  ChiliDog Interactive, it’s available to download on the Eshop from July 16th. Here’s a bit more-

‘Hordes of zombies and bloodsucking bats, dozens of deadly mutants and cannibals, reanimated maniacs and pumpkin-killers — can you handle these mobs? You will have to survive through the night each and every time you’ll play Restless Night. This game is full of horrifying encounters with undead enemies, but your rifle will come in handy! Can you make it to dawn? There’s only one way to find out — grab your favorite firearm and get ready to crush, kill and destroy all these zombies with classic old-school style. Made with love and taste, even your grandfather remembers this feeling and how fun it actually is!’


Old School arcade style on offer with Restless night and for its simplicity it looks fantastic. The graphical style instantly pulled on the nostalgia strings. The 16 bit audio style also speaks volumes to an old school lover like me. Cackling witches and little green zombies slain left right and centre from a top down perspective. Simple, brilliant fun. 


Two different modes one offer with a campaign style and arena. The latter of the two for me being absolutely fantastic, the timer gets set and then you survive for as long as possible. As you progress power ups drop such as health, armour weapons and an explosive which clears the map helping you catch a few seconds breath to get back in control.  

Despite its simplicity there’s a degree of skill required in order to be able to survive the night and the waves of enemies that come at you. Movement and constantly scanning the map to check where the enemies are coming from/ making sure you pick up all the powerups, it’s not as simple as you think!

Campaign offers a seemingly tougher yet still enjoyable challenge, while I think the arena mode is the better way to play. You still get a really satisfying challenge and completing each wave to move onto a fresh map with different challenges is good fun. 

Overall 9/10

Restless night is a brilliant top down twin stick shooter with solid retro inspired graphics. There’s plenty of fun to be had and a decent challenge on offer from both the campaign and the arena modes. I love the graphics and the old-school art style. if you love twin stick shooters then this is must play!

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