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Go to IT is a simulation game from Black Deck Crew and Gamera Interactive. It’s out now and is currently in early access. Here’s a bit more- 

‘Have you ever wanted to run your own software company? Go to IT is a business simulation game with a multitude of parameters to manage and meaningful choices to enjoy. Build your company and bring it to the top, surviving almost 30 years of software industry ups and downs.’

Graphics and Audio

Due to the nature of the game this section will be short, and that’s not because there’s anything wrong but simply because the whole game centres around different tabs in order to run your IT company. It’s incredibly simple but it provides you with a decent platform to be able to manage your team and build your company. 


Being a simulator the game is very focused on the task. You name your company and make your character, then using different strategies and the perks associated with them, you get to work building your dev empire. Everything you need is at your fingertips and the UI is pretty easy to use after a little exploring. Picking up jobs is easy and there’s even tabs for advertising should you need that extra boost to build your business. 

Recruitment has its own tab too, candidates have multiple traits which at first it wasn’t particularly clear to me as to what their traits did but after some digging i knew what to look out for. As you grow you can increase the size of your building from a small garage to a full on triple a studio. You can also downsize as you please for maximum control

I did find making enough money to meet my expenditure to be tough though, i’m not 100% sure if i’m missing something there but i always found myself taking out a loan and even then still struggling. 

Keep them happy?

Staff happiness is key, as in real life a tired or fedup staff don’t produce as well and will eventually leave. In order to combat this you can raise wages or suggest a holiday to refresh your team member. I found that sometimes raising wages would work but some staff were basically unemployable because the happiness penalties were far too great. 

Overall- 6.8/10

I really want to Enjoy Go To IT but there’s one or two key issues that just need a bit more balance before I can really get into it and start to enjoy it. Staff Happiness and the income expenditure system for me are a bit harsh and sorting this out would really push the game on to be a much better experience. I absolutely love the concept though and will be watching future updates to see if anything changes.

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