First look- Naraka Bladepoint.

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Naraka Bladepoint is a battle royale game combining shooter and hack and slash elements. It’s currently in testing and has no release date as of yet. Here’s a bit more about the game

‘NARAKA: BLADEPOINT takes battle royale to the next level with their “Unchained Multiplayer Combat” system. Verticality, manoeuvrability and close-quarters combat are cornerstones of the NARAKA: BLADEPOINT experience. Using a variety of melee and ranged weapons: combined with a grappling hook, parkour skills and unique character abilities — players can freely explore dozens of play-styles and personalise them with character-unique talents.’

The game has some solid elements, movement feels slick and solid, the looting system for the most part is okay, bar some tweaking and maybe a better way to change weapons rather than having to tab to get rid of what you don’t want to use, the environments you fight in also are very detailed and diverse as you move around the map.

I do feel that there’s a bit more work to do regarding balancing weapons, Greatswords are very easy to pick up kills with (as you’ll see in my gameplay) and ranged weapons are a little difficult to work with, i’m also not really bought on the repair system, although i suppose it’s the only way to add an element of ‘ammo’ for melee weapons.  

Some optimisation work to be done too, i couldn’t for the life of me get rid of the screen tearing no matter what i did. Sometimes logging in was also a bit of an issue but id imagine both those issues will be sorted. 

Matchmaking is quick, but i suspect this is due to lobbies being around 80% bots. I played three games total and won all three, during the second game I beat a player who was just running into the wall, and during the third game the final enemy just didn’t heal despite being one shot and me having to repair my weapons. 

My one and only major concern is regarding the title being buy to play and with microtransactions. Information on this appears to be a little sketchy but if the rumours are correct and you have to purchase the game as well as buying battle pass and the in game currency then it’ll be a tough sell if the game doesn’t live up to the hype. Being free to play means that players that really enjoy the game will invest a little into purchasing skins and other cosmetics/ a battle pass. We’ve seen with titles like Fortnite how far that goes! 

So far it’s not bad but not brilliant, Naraka Bladepoint shows some promise but being buy to play and with a battle pass and micro transactions it’ll be a tough sell to gamers. Of course there’s no confirmation of that yet. I’ll update as things change.

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