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Reviewed on Nintendo Switch- Footage taken from PC

Available now

Danger Scavenger is fast-paced action, cyberpunk-themed, roguelite skyline crawler. Its published by Forever Entertainment and is available now, here’s a bit more from the Publisher.

‘You’ll crawl higher than ever before. Danger Scavenger is an intense cyberpunk-themed roguelite skyline crawler that takes you to the roofs of a breathtaking cyberpunk city, where you will face ruthless enemies controlled by the soulless AI. Forget about crawling through the dungeons, caves, and the darkest pits of hell in search of adventures and treasures. The world has changed and new times are coming. You’ll be going up and out of the underground to seek new horizons and possibilities. Become one of the outcasts and set out on a risky hunt in search of liberation and countless riches hidden on the huge skyscrapers. The danger is so great that every Scavenger can change the course of history forever… or become another forgotten scrap hunter. Choose your path wisely – bigger risks means bigger reward!’

Graphics and Audio

Being top down and cyberpunk styled, Danger Scavenger is very bright and incredibly good looking. Areas are packed with neon lights and colours and the audio follows up with a synthwave-y style electronic beat. Levels look great with different themes as you progress, Enemies are wide ranging too and all look fantastic from the top down perspective. Taking them out is also incredibly satisfying with both great weapons all producing various sounds and animations. I really like when a game pays particular attention to the sound and look of weapons. makes the game feel even better


Instead of being a run of the mill dungeon crawler, Danger Scavenger changes things up by sending you up massive tower buildings, clearing floor after floor of enemies in order to grab loot and upgrades. 

Clearing the enemies is good fast paced fun, chests are also dotted around each floor to give you an additional reward and some floors have upgrades available in exchange for the game’s currency, scrap. Controls feel nice and responsive and you don’t ever feel like you’re overwhelmed mostly due to the solid controller scheme in which to play the game, Particularly on handheld.

You get a great mix of weapons and additional abilities in order to clear floors and its honestly great fun. The fast paced simple nature of the game keeps the positive elements of the crawler genre and mixes in its fun additions. 

Overall- 8.5/10

Danger Scavenger is a fun fast paced game that takes the dungeon crawler genre and pushes it into the sky. There’s a vast array of weapons to dispatch enemies and plenty of upgrades to find. It’s a genuinely fun title that i think breathes new life into a sometimes boring genre.

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