T Reviews- I’m a Pencil

I’m a Pencil is a visual Novel from Roomah Gaming. Whenever the guys from Roomah drop me a message about a new visual Novel I’m always keen to make sure I have proper time to really enjoy the effort they’ve made. So when I’m a Pencil was dropped into my inbox I made sure I had a quiet morning, a big coffee on the go and plenty of time to enjoy it. 

I’m a Pencil is short, but it’s punchy. It may be a short story about a pencil but the meaning of the story is there for you to see ( i won’t ruin it because you should play the game) but like usual it’s a really well thought out  story with jokey little moments in there too. The Novel takes you through the life of a pencil and you have a couple of decisions to make along the way which affect the overall outcome.

Both Moec and I’m a Pencil share the great elements that Roomah Gaming brings to the table and I always really enjoy the well drawn art that accompanies the short stories they do. It’s a really warming experience. And that translates well across both the titles I’ve reviewed. Honestly the art is the thing i really enjoy most, followed very closely by the story. 

It’d be great now to see Roomah gaming take the short story and really push its limits. voice acting could be a really great next step while developing animation of the drawn pictures further. I’ve really come to enjoy 

In short, I’m a Pencil is another great little story with a nice lighthearted feel to it. Its well written and very nicely drawn with wonderful images becoming a trademark thing for the team at Roomah Gaming, Well worth a look.

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