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 Rogue Heroes: Ruins Of Tasos is an Adventure/RPG title from Heliocentric Studios and published by Team 17. Here’s a bit more about the game- 

‘A dark evil stirs beneath the once peaceful land of Tasos… Deep within the four Great Dungeons, the ancient seals that hold the Titans at bay are gravely weakened and their minions have unleashed terror upon the world.

The Goddesses who forged the seals long ago have made a desperate plea for a band of heroes to come forth and save the people from a terrible fate…’

Graphics & audio

Rogue Heroes is a top down affair, much the trademark with games published by Team17 and it’s a familiar and comfortable setup. A nice bright 16 bit- esque world welcomes you and it all looks absolutely wonderful. Your character is noticeable and the customisation options you get are genuinely noticeable even from the top down perspective. Something which can be lost with the top down POV.

Audio is really good also. You get plenty of atmosphere from the audio with the different weather and enemies moving around you, Dungeons sound eerie and great audio has really gone a long way towards helping out the overall feel of the game. 


Combat is simple. Movement is simple and there’s other additional items which are all simple to use and understand, it doesn’t take much to get the hang of the game and that’s great. Death isn’t particularly taxing either with you simply returning to your bed where you started. That will keep the casuals coming back while die hard players will be happy with procedurally generated dungeons to crawl through. A different dungeon every time you enter makes for a fresh experience every time you enter. 

As you tackle dungeons you earn two forms of currency, coins and gems. To be used to help rebuild the town you live in. you can also customize your home and make it feel more like yours. As you build the town you gain access to better weapons and other items in order to complete dungeons and quests easier. 

As you explore more you encounter different enemies, people and area’s each with their own unique feel. 


I didn’t get to experience multiplayer but with Co-op and single player sharing the same world and story it’ll be great teaming up with your friends in order to tackle dungeons and complete quests.

Life & Death

Death in Rogue Heroes isn’t really a big penalty, and that makes it such an easy and enjoyable game to play. With no penalty for dying you don’t have to worry and can focus on the task of completing quests and running dungeons with or without your friends. When you die you simply return to your bed and you can get going once again. 

Overall- 8.5/10

Rogue Heroes: Ruins of Tasos is a fun top down RPG that stays fresh with its procedural dungeons. A basic but interesting storyline and plenty of characters to find along the way make for a solid RPG experience either alone or with friends. 

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