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Reviewed on PC

Eternal Hope is an Indie Adventure game developed by Doublehit Games and Published by Kwalee Ltd and is out now. Here’s a bit more about the game- 

‘In Eternal Hope you’ll follow the story of Ti’bi, a lonely boy who has lost the love of his life. You’ll embark with him on a highly unusual journey – one that might bring the soul of his cherished girlfriend back from the Shadow World, a purgatory-like realm. But visiting this new world will not be easy. There will be dangers to overcome and many mysteries to unearth before you can continue your passage.’


Eternal Hope is gorgeous. And that honestly is the only way to explain the visual experience, its a fully 2D game with 2D environments that honestly look fantastic. The transition between your world and the shadow world is great too with a clear difference between the two. Visually, its the most pleasing experience I’ve had so far this year. 

Audio does a great job of aiding immersion also, there’s no voice acting but it does nothing to harm the overall experience. The melodies used fit the moment perfectly and it goes a long way to help you enjoy the moment. 

Gameplay & Story

Puzzles the order of the day here and the usage of the shadow world helps the game come alive. A quick flick between worlds all that’s needed to highlight a platform or show a creature aiding you. You have a time limit though and have to work quickly in some situations in order to traverse some environments. Other situations mean taking a step back in order to press forward. Obviously you will die often as you work out puzzles, but the game always dropped me at the point just before so it didn’t mean much in terms of retracing my steps. In order to get back where I was at my point of death. Which keeps you interested and avoids any frustration. 

The story is somewhat simple. You play as Ti’bi, whose task is to travel between worlds in order to find his loves’ soul, which has been scattered around the world as such. And in order to find the pieces of her soul you have to complete the puzzles, as you progress the story unfolds as you find out more about yourself and what happened to civilization and so on and so forth. I’m being as vague as possible so as to not spoil it. It’s a genuinely good storyline, it’s simple, heart warming and a great accompaniment to the rest of the game. 

In The shadows

The Shadow world or realm is a sinister one but it’s a great dynamic that provides you the answer to most of the puzzles you face. Flicking between worlds in order to jump from platform to platform or to find a shadow creature to help you up or across is a really great mechanic that’s been done really really well. 

Overall- 9/10

Eternal Hope is a beautiful story driven puzzler. There’s plenty to enjoy and there’s loads of replay value just for the sheer enjoyment of a good storyline. Puzzles are well thought out and you always get that sense of satisfaction when you work out what you’re supposed to do. The use of the shadow world is great and provides an added dimension to the puzzle solving.

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