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Encodya is a point and click story based puzzle game from Chaosmonger Studio and published by Assemble Entertainment. Here’s a bit more about the game. 

It’s 2062. Tina – a 9 years old orphan – lives with SAM-53 – her big clumsy robot guardian – on a rooftop makeshift shelter in Neo-Berlin, a dark megalopolis controlled by corporations. The protagonist is an urban jungle kid, who has learnt to live alone, scavenging dumpsters of the dystopian city, eking out a living from scraps. Her funny robot is always with her, programmed to protect the girl no matter what.


Being 2.5D was a risky move, but Encodya pulls it off with excellently drawn environments and a diverse selection of characters and NPCs to see. Neo Berlin looks beautiful and the cyberpunk vibe definitely shines through. Cars hover by and there’s a real hustle and bustle created in busier areas of the city. Sam-53  in particular looks fantastic, big and clumsy really shines through in the way he’s been drawn alone. 


Good voice acting here was another crucial element in the story telling. And some characters really shine through. Sam and Tina’s struggles really come through without the need for animation and it helps keep you hooked. Even as you walk down the streets of Neo Berlin you hear the hustle and bustle and it’s really important for immersion that you do. 


Point and click will not be of interest to all. But those that do enjoy point and click puzzles then you’re in for a treat. Items are scattered throughout the streets of neo Berlin and you need to find them, combine them and then use them in the right way or give them to the correct person in order to get the next item in order to complete your task. It can be frustrating and Sam-53 is on hand with helpful hints should you struggle. 

Point and click games of this type are meant to make you slow down and think and Encodya really does that. Some things I did stumble across by randomly clicking everything, but when I really stopped to think about what the robot wanted. I realised where the answer could be and then pursued it and thoroughly checked an area for what i was looking for. It’s only then do you get the true sense of satisfaction that Encodya is trying to deliver. A small win finding the socks. Or knowing how to move the cat is the progress you should expect to achieve in an evenings play. 

You best remember

The biggest element of Encodya is what’s in your head, more accurately what you can remember. locations , broken panels that open doors. Locations of shops, it’s all important, and if you forget it can cost you time to go back and look again. You really have to make sure you know where everything is. For example, the shady character in the alley sells computer components. If you don’t remember that you can lose hours going around in circles looking in every other place than the one location you actually needed to be. Asking the right questions and making sure you ask all questions is important too, it can uncover things you may later need to know. 

Overall- 8.5/10

While Encodya won’t be for everyone, those that give it the time will be rewarded with a strong story, good puzzles and a beautifully drawn Neo Berlin to wander through. For some it won’t be the game they want while others will fall in love. 

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