T Reviews- Mambo Wave

Reviewed on- PC

Available on Steam

Mambo Wave is a side scrolling shooter developed by Game Breaker Studios and published by
HaDe Games. Its out now on Steam. Here’s a bit more about the game.

Mambo Wave — a 2D Platform Shooter which takes place somewhere in Spain in the 90’s. Your mission is simple: to advance behind enemy lines, destroying them all with the help of a cool and varied arsenal.

Graphics and audio 

Graphics are of an 8-bit style. You play as a Rambo-esque character as you jump from platform to platform shooting gun placements, lind mines and flying objects all of which are simple but clearly drawn. 

Audio is also a simple affair with a short ‘arrgh’ when you’re hit. Weapon firing and explosions are all again simple but effective at getting the task done. 


Rambo was dropped somewhere in Spain in the 1990’s and your objective is to get as deep as you can behind enemy lines and cause havoc among the enemy.  . Straight off the bat this game is hard. And at times a little harsh. At the start of the game I was dropped in by parachute only to find my character just out of reach of the first platform. Thus killing me. On other occasions the platform I needed to jump to was too far away, meaning I couldn’t reach it. 

But when you do get a good run together it is extremely rewarding, timing your jumps right, missing the land mines and timing a shot on a flying object are all incredibly satisfying. Using the other weapons such as the rocket launcher are also good fun. 

Infinite mode

I much preferred infinite mode to the levels as it appeared to be a little less harsh on me allowing me to get going and have a decent score. Infinite mode just drops you in over and over again allowing you to get straight back into the action. To me the strongest part of the game by far

Overall 6/10

Plenty of potential here and just a few tweaks would improve the game no end. I like the platform shooter mix and when you get going it’s an enjoyable challenge. But occasional issues with the gaps between platforms mean it gets marked down. 

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