T Reviews- Rocket Shipment

Release Date- January 15th 2021

Available on- Steam

Rocket Shipment is a physics based rocketship delivery game Developed and published by Chocolate Pinecone. Here’s a bit more from the Developer about the game-

‘Rocket Shipment ‘is an ode to older lander-type games, and was made from scratch. Development started in August 2018 and is still in progress. Rocket Shipment was made because I could not remember the name of a shareware game I played when I was young. This shareware game, called Crazy Gravity (yes, I found it eventually!), was something that stuck with me because of its fun game loop and challenging levels. I really wanted to play it again, but because I did not know the name I couldn’t find it again. I then decided to make my own version from scratch.’


Rocket Shipment takes a step back to a more familiar and comfortable 8-bit art style. simple, colourful terrain is a total pleasure. Your rocket is a simple triangle with a rather satisfying thruster animation when you apply the power. Very reminiscent of the times playing Asteroids on the 2600 but much, much better



Rocket shipment is a heavily physics based game. You really have to think a couple of steps in front to conserve fuel and make sure you reach your destination without hitting the terrain or being shot down. There’s a period of adjustment as you learn how the rocket flies and how much thrust you really need to move forward, up etc. 

The twist really comes in with the containers and the elasticity of the rope you use to pull them to their location. The physics are really well thought out here and produce a significant challenge, but also allow for creative ways to get the shipment to its destination. Fuel containers also lurk around the levels for you to refuel in order to complete your task. Making sure you have plenty of fuel is incredibly important and Fuel management is key.

 It’s a simple game that focuses on one key feature and executes it incredibly well. Thus creating a challenge that you can honestly lose hours to trying to perfect. 

Twenty levels to chew on and honestly while it doesn’t sound like much the difficulty curve will take care of you! A level creator ends plenty more challenge in creating your own levels and trying to perfect them

Overall 9/10

Rocket Shipment is a fantastic physics based game that combines a loveable, well drawn 8-bit art style with incredibly challenging levels. Rocket shipment takes the act of delivering a package with a rocketship and does an incredibly good job of executing it. Its a game well worth playing and one I thoroughly enjoyed.

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