Where did it go?- Crazy Justice

Back in the days of a nintendo switch being my only console i remember Crazy Justice being showcased on a nintendo direct and thinking that a battle royale for the switch would be great. Back then BR games were uncommon and fortnite was in its infancy. Black Riddles made a big statement with the game..

‘Be the last one standing in Crazy Justice! Choose a Hero, then select & customize your skills and loot powerful weapons to be the best Champion. Travel across the World to save it from the forces of evil with your friends or be the best in the FREE 100-player PvP mode. The last one standing wins.’

Three years on (almost 4) and Crazy Justice is nowhere to be found. So what happened? Where did it go? Did anyone play it? Lets dig!

What happened to Black Riddles studio?

It appears that Black Riddles Studio folded in 2019.. The last updates for the games website were around the end of May and since then it’s been complete silence. Their website has since been removed and twitter has also been silent since the 27th of May.

I followed the Twitter feed during that time and in the run up to mid 2019 there was a lot of stop start interaction. Sudden burst of teasers and content, followed up with ‘we’ve been playing it on switch’ or ‘just waiting for approval’ in order to keep backers hooked.

Did anyone play Crazy Justice?

Yes! I managed to find someone who played Crazy Justice on PC when the game released on early access.  Back in 2019 he reported a buggy unplayable mess that had constant crashing issues. When he did eventually jump into a game (with just one other player) it crashed when the player hit the battle Galleon. 

It was also widely reported that most of the ingame items and what not were from an Unreal engine 4 asset pack. Even though the developers claimed to be making all these items themselves. 

Will it ever release?

Its highly unlikely. I reached out to BRS to try and get some sort of comment but have not yet received a response. Other BR games have appeared since and it would appear with the amount of work Crazy Justice would require to bring it to today’s standard, any studio looking to create a BR game would probably be better served starting from scratch. Judging by what I’ve seen and read anyway it appears to be a carbon copy of Fortnite.

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