Control- Nintendo…..Switch?!?

I’ve left this one about a month before i came to it, mostly because Control is an incredible game and game streaming is, at the moment not quite the masterpiece just yet. After leaving it a little while longer i decided last night to see what Control is like on Nintendo Switch

Now, Control isn’t being played natively on the hardware. Ubitus handles the delivery of Control to the Switch and at £34.99 it isn’t cheap. Concerns aside, I jumped right on in.

From the outset I was met with performance issues, stuttering and massive input lag on the enhanced mode, and while the graphics looked fantastic the stop start nature was really damaging to the experience, especially to first time players. Now my internet is quick and the signal is good. Despite that I was greeted with constant messages and warnings that my performance wasn’t good enough and my network was very busy. As I collected the service weapon more issues became apparent, with Audio and visuals not synchronising meaning that I could fire the weapon and the shot could be heard half a second later. 

Now i’ve read people moaning about this stuff and thought ‘that’s so minor’ but it really isn’t, that half a second translated to the camera moving too far around, or an additional step meaning i fell off the edge of a platform. It really was a big deal and made the game unplayable. 

Switching to Performance mode improved things a little, dulling down the quality which was still quite good but hopefully stabilising performance, it sort of improved across both handheld and docked with handheld on performance mode returning the best results. But still that half a second lingered and the game stuttered albeit less consistently. 

I wouldn’t pay £34.99 for this in the current state it’s in. And like Stadia had there’s plenty of performance issues to sort out before this becomes mainstream. But it’s a start.    

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