T Reviews- What The Golf?

Reviewed on- PC – Steam 

Price-£15.49 [steam]

Available on- PC, NS

 What The Golf? Is a golf puzzle game published and developed by Triband, It’s already out on Steam among other platforms. Here’s a bit more about the game-

The golf game for people who hate golf– A silly physics-based golf parody where every golf course is a new surprising type of golf, some brilliant or hilarious, others so absurd they will make you go: WHAT THE GOLF?


Nothing particularly taxing here. A simple puzzle golf game shouldnt cause you any issues and that said the graphics are clean, colourful and bright with plenty of objects drawn nicely and animated well. It’s a basic but well thought out and done affair on the graphical side of things.


What The Golf? Is incredibly imaginative, it takes a simple game of crazy golf and really changes it up in a simple but surprising way. Sometimes youll be asked to just putt a golf ball, But then out of nowhere you putt the player, then a house. Then the….Hole? What the Golf really does create a sense of excitement and the wide variety of items you have to putt. It makes the game unique and very interesting. On occasions i had no idea what i was even supposed to hit so had to click and pull back just to find out i had to putt a vase, or an office chair! A really crazy and exciting mechanic. 

Levels are plentiful and navigating from one to the next is fun also, knocking the ball into the level flags drops you into the course, sometimes you have to complete courses in order to progress through sections of the world you are in, which keeps the game flowing nicely. When you complete an area you have to do a sort of boss fight with the computer to progress to the next area. Its not challenging but it is incredibly good fun 

Some items you have to Putt can break or pop. so that means you need to keep on top of the balls trajectory. Luckily you can hit the ball again whilst its moving in order to keep momentum or change direction should you find yourself in trouble. 


Ball physics are an important part of the game, knowing where an office chair will roll to is a big and important part of managing to complete the weird and wonderful levels within What The Golf? Across all the items i had to hit the physics stayed true, rolling a vase on its side was easier than sliding it along. Office chairs had roll to them as you’d expect and squared edge objects such as TV’s and Houses rolled as you’d expect. Getting the ball right was one thing but they’ve done really well with all objects making the game much more enjoyable to play. 

Overall- 9/10

What The Golf? Is interesting, exciting and above all a completely different experience that changes up the puzzle game genre, the physics are great, Courses have plenty of imagination and there’s plenty to laugh about. Its a great little puzzle game with plenty to it. Give it a try!

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