T Reviews- Inertial Drift- PS4

I covered Inertial drift when PQube invited me to try the Sunset Drift Prologue earlier this year on Steam. I was really excited to get my hands on the full release and true to form here we are ready for review. Inertial Drift didn’t disappoint one bit! 

Racing games are all the same these days. Simulation this that and the other, and regular followers will know I don’t mind. But its nice to have a game like inertial Drift come along and do something completely different and off the wall. 


Straight off the bat you get hit with the 90’s retro futuristic vibe and immediately get echoes of Auto Modellista with the art style and just general vibe. But unlike the underrated ps2 classic I.D has really solid graphics and audio. Different tracks have different scapes with some in the city, puddles included and some tough style hill climb tracks with snow banks and dirt run offs to take into account when winding the car into the corners. With the neon vibes it provides you with an experience 

All 16 cars fit in well with the retro futuristic aesthetic with some akin to the touge warriors of the time while others are completely original. They all have individual characteristics along with their drivers and its produces varied results between different cars. Cars that have nippy handling are better for Style while quicker, trickier to handle cars are great for endurance and time attack events. Its really about making sure you get the right pair of boots for the walk so to speak. 

Gameplay and story

Ill be 100% up front and say I wasn’t bothered about the story at all. Its basically a prologue, an introduction to the game to get you used to it before you really get into the real meat and gravy. Now that’s out of the way lets talk about the elephant in the room. The twin stick drift mechanic. 

Now when it comes to drifting I’m 100% a purist. I’ve slid cars on games since Forza motorsport 2 and this new mechanic was something of a game changer, because it completely changes how you slide the car and how you negotiate a string of corners. Instead of using the conventional method of either a clutch kick or dab of handbrake you simply flick the right stick to move the rear of the car around. Its fantastic and its genuinely freshened things up. 

There’s plenty more on offer, with challenges to unlock new cars. Grandprix, which is a selection of gruelling challenges, and the arcade. Which I won’t lie to you, I spent a very very long time perfecting my laps in order to absolutely smash every last ounce of score on style mode, it feels great and takes me back to the pure rush on Forza of old battering scored and getting top 5 in the world on tracks. 

The other mode on offer is online, I however couldn’t get a game so can’t review that yet. But trust me. I will. I’ll update the review when I do. 

Overall. 9/10

Inertial drift spoke to me in ways others racing games just don’t. In a world of serious this and simulation that its great to have a game that focusses on pure enjoyment. I.D kept me hooked with the competitive side of me coming back out on the arcade mode, while really clean graphics and audio made hooking tracks up perfectly really enjoyable and highly immersive. 

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