T Reviews- STAY

Reviewed on PS4

Available on PS4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One

Stay is an unusual and very different game. Developed by Appnormals team and published by PQube.

16-bit graphics, moody lighting and very striking audio make up the backbone of this mostly text based game with some puzzles to involve you further. Quinn has a very human element to him and the attention to detail with little typo’s and the way he corrects himself makes the game very immersive

The game is decision based. With the directions you take and the options you select impacting Quinn in very different and important ways. You have to read into clues and objects found. You have to pay total attention because one small lapse in judgement or a wrong call and it could mean Quinn’s life.


I won’t go into too much of the story because its the real meat of the game. The opening part of the game gives you very little info other than Quinn getting knocked out and taken to a room with just a computer in it. As you progress the story develops across its 24 chapters.


Another big part of the game is the puzzles. These appear frequently and range from small tasks such as fixing a light to other more difficult and time consuming puzzles. Stay does a really good job of making you really feel like you’re Quinn during these moments. There’s a lot of build up and the audio and environment really puts you in Quinn’s spot. I felt like it really mattered.

With multiple methods answers and objects to find there’s plenty of replay value in Stay. Completing the game different ways and experiencing all the ways you progress will be exciting to most.

Looking after Quinn

Quinn has emotions, like any other real person and those needs have to be met in order to keep Quinn stable. These are all measured on a specific page along with your relationship with Quinn that’s measured by the decisions you make during dialogue. This level of depth is incredibly important and helps contribute to the overall experience.

Interludes offer an opportunity to have a break

The other incredibly interesting mechanic with Stay is when you leave. The game continues with Quinn anxiously waiting your return. Leave it too long and you can face game ending consequences. This adds a lot to the the real feel the game attempts to portray. Quinn is a real person and he needs your help.


It may not be for everyone but stay is a deep and engaging story of Quinn and his escape. You’re constantly kept on your toes despite not having to input much and your decisions have to be made carefully. Its certainly a title worth playing at least once

7.5/10 A great experience but may not be appreciated by all. Quinn really does feel alive and like you’re tasked with aiding his survival. Immersion is key here and if you allow it then Stay does a fantastic job.

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