T reviews- Debtor

Time to pay up!

Reviewed on Nintendo Switch

Price- £4.99

Debtor is a puzzle game published by Drageus Games. Heres a bit more about the game-

‘Did you just wake up in the afterlife? The only thing you know is that you’re tasked with a strange mission – collect all your debts!

Pick all the coins in 30 levels full of riddles, lethal traps, ruthless enemies…and time pressure!
Be smart, be fast and make the best use of your hero’s assets: a rock-solid head that can crush blocks and some good ol’ explosives.
You also need to take advantage of your environment by pushing and placing boxes in a clever way.

Just like in the golden days of gaming, enjoy some nice chiptune music, silly characters and pixel graphics and challenging puzzle-platforming action.’

Graphically Debtor is good overall, Its a 16-bit style game with solid, clean levels and despite its lack of colour (its supposed to) the environment looks good. Chiptune music once again and its always welcome. The sound is great and I really enjoy chi-tunes whenever they make their way into a game. 

Levels start out easy

The objective in Debtor is simple. Collect the coins and escape the room. As you progress the levels get gradually harder and enemies are introduced, The debtor has his hardman headbutt and some explosives at his disposal to balance things out. Its a very simple game but enjoyable in short bursts 

and gradually get tougher

Overall Debtor is a simple 16-bit puzzler that doesn’t try to be anything other than fun in short bursts. Its great for short periods or if you’re just looking for a cheeky little puzzle game to pass the time. 

7/10- I really grew to like it. 

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