T’s Retro Review- Bishi Bashi Special- PS1

Bishi Bashi Special- Mindless fun. Really.

Sexy Ps1 shots are always a must.

Bishi Bashi is perhaps the strangest game I’ve ever played. Why? Well the game is made up on mini games, but not conventional mini games, oh no. Bishi Bashi offers up games like Phone where you have to race the computer at dialling a phone number in to a phone. Or Pie where you’re at a wedding and you’re throwing a pie into the on looking crowd.

I mean look, its different and not many will have heard of it. It’s a strange experience and one I’ve never ever experienced before. But strange games aside the mini games which I’ve managed to work out how to play are very fun. And that’s the buzzword. Its fun, good fun that you’re highly unlikely to have ever experienced before, better still its two player. So you can force a family member to this mindless fun and endless laughs. It even has incredibly cheesy sound effects and horrific backgrounds… I mean why do you need to see Mt Fuji while playing a game where you press the button that corresponds to the pea a character with a huge head has to catch?

In short. It’s a cheesy, poorly explained batch of somewhat questionable mini-games that’re drenched in 90’s Japanese culture. In all honesty, if you get an opportunity to play it, you may just love it. 

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