Controller Review -Nacon Compact- Ps4

With the death of my second Dualshock 4 from the exact same right joystick drift as before. I decided that it was time to look at aftermarket offerings that suited my needs.

It certainly looks the part!

I needed a more reliable controller than the current DualShock 4, i’ve had two now and both have suffered the same issue. Even when its working its mostly wired due to the poor battery life. So I decided to go for a wired controller under £30. I settled on the Nacon compact controller. 

Down to business-

The controller comes well packaged and is very secure. setup is also very simple as the controller is plug and play. You’re then greeted by a somewhat brighter than I expected LED. Mine are red but other colours are available. Buttons are really nice quality and the triggers are smooth and I dare say feel nicer than the Dualshock 4.

Audio is provided by a 3.5 mm jack and is crisp and clean. My turtlebeach headphones hook up without issue and play as usual. 

Wire me up! 

To me in the wired v wireless debate I’ve always preferred wired controllers. I like to not have to worry about battery life or input lag or even on the odd occasion the controller disconnecting. Wired only works if you’re close enough to the console and luckily in my case I am. 

Stick it to me

Unfortunately Joysticks are where the controller falls down. Its a very important contact point and unfortunately the lack of surface area / grip on the sticks left me lacking in confidence. That said a pair of Thumbstick grips from my Nintendo Switch remedied the issue and added a little more height for better control. At £2.95 for the pair on eBay it hasn’t broken the bank but its annoying that you have to do that little bit extra when purchasing. 

Joysticks were improved with these switch joystick grips. but you shouldn’t really have to do it

Purchase point

My controller came from Argos. Priced at 24.99, in my opinion is very reasonable for a controller that delivers such good performance. With the 12 month warranty on any purchase too it means I’m covered if I run into any issues. 


If you’re in the same position as I am and want a different solution on a budget the Nacon compact is an absolute winner. It won’t please everyone however with it being wired but it certainly works for me



Nice weighted feel

Nice buttons and triggers

Doesn’t feel cheap


Wired (not for everyone)

Joysticks are small/ not great under the thumb. The joystick grips solved the issue and the controller feels better than my DualShock 4 did but the grips are additional and have to be purchased separate. 

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