T Reviews- Cities Skylines- PS4

This month see’s two more free games for playstation plus members. One of which is a game I’ve been meaning play for a while now, Cities Skylines

CS is a fresh take on aa classic game, Sim City. Being a long time enjoyer of the franchise and CS being free I thought it a great time to give it a go. It didnt take long to become hooked! 

For a Unity engine game its visually pleasing.

Simple, Intuitive, Helpful 

Playing CS on the PS4 should be difficult. Notoriously games that come from PC to console are more difficult to control due to their point and click nature. CS does an excellent job of utilising the controller in a way that not only keeps the learning curve flat but also makes you feel totally in control. 

Expanding your city is a painless process

Water, Power, Garbage

Developing your city is easy and all the means to get going are laid out in a simple easy to view manner. The Tutorial chimes in from time to time on certain symbols and alerts you if you haven’t used a new building yet. While the ability to run the game at three different speeds and even pause time incase you need to make important changes.

Different zones including industry, residential and even Office space mean you can map out your city well and keep zones in place to keep your residents happy. This is a hard thing to balance at first but as your city grows the tools and cash available become more abundant.

a growing Population of your city is the key to accessing new buildings


For free this is a no brainer if you love Sim City. If you’re new to this type of game Cities Skylines is an excellent place to get into city building games. Gameplay is at a nice pace and is really easy to play and feel like you aren’t being overloaded. If you have a PS4 give it a go 

8/10- well worth it.  

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