My Five Lockdown Busting Games-

My Five Lockdown busting games-

Lockdown is here in the UK! With most of us now stuck at home with no work and limited outdoor time I thought I’d take a moment to list my five lockdown busting games. 


Kicking it off with a really strong Tactial shooter. With an interesting storyline and huge depth of upgrades and skills, Xcom 2 is not only a thoroughly enjoyable game it very easy to pick up and incredibly cheap at the moment too.  Just £9.79 at time of writing. 


GOTY winner Control is nothing short of an absolute banger. An incredibly different and exciting storyline mixed in with really solid Gameplay it seems to be a game that escapes the lull and keep you engaged. £49.99 thought for the standard edition is a big ask at the moment.

Assassins Creed Odyssey

One im currently playing and really enjoying so far. Incredibly deep and with a massive amount of exploration to be done makes for an incredibly good game as it is. You then add to that a very strong combat system and the never-get-boring gameplay loop gamers new to the series will enjoy this as much as die hards already do. Just £19.79 at the time of writing is an absolute bargain for a game with so much content and depth. 

Super Mario Maker 2

The only Nintendo Switch game and its absolutely fantastic. Super Mario Maker 2 never gets old and its pick up and playability with competitive angle in endless challenge mean its an absolute hit and easily the way to bust lockdown alone. You’ll be paying full tilt though! 

Portal 2 

The oldest game of the five but available on the current gen console the Xbox One. An incredibly engrossing game and very replayable, Puzzles are always something thats very enjoyable and a great way to relax on an evening if you fancy a different pace of gaming. At just £15 theres plenty to chew on for the money. 

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