T’s Retro Review- StuntMan PS2

Fancy being Evil Kenevil or Steve McQueen? Look no further! 

From The Makers of the Driver series came something completely different, Stuntman places you in the overalls of a stunt driver completing various driving scenes for a collection of Movies starting at the bottom to the bright lights of Hollywood. 

The main Career mode is somewhat repetitive with you having orders barked at you as to what needs to be done. Sometimes you can reach a marker and have no instruction as to what to do next which can be quite frustrating when you have to replay the entire scene if you fail. The Stunts and chases can be extremely exciting though and nailing the scene perfectly can be very rewarding and satisfying. You also get Arena events which have you taking on Evil Kenevil style stunts for rewards of additional items to use in the Arena mode.

The case was always part of the sell to me as a young lad. this drew me straight in!

Arena mode is where the game really takes flight. You can create your own stunts of varying length and difficulty and you really have to invest your time to get something really good out of it. As you progress through the game you get faster cars and bigger pieces of equipment to use in the arena mode. Which does dangle the carrot for you to progress.

Overall I really enjoyed playing Stuntman through again. The game graphically has aged well and is still very playable by today’s standards. You do miss some of todays improvements though with no Triggers to really control your vehicle but its still good fun despite being at times a bit dry.

7/10- if you’re stood staring at this in CEX then pick it up! 

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