T’s Quick Review- Death Stranding

Case Presentation is certainly Striking

Death Stranding is a game that has brought a big storm behind it. With reviewers seemingly split on If the game is a master piece or if Hideo Kojima is “Taking the Piss’

I’m up to about 16 hours now and honestly I find the game incredibly good because of the simplicity. The storyline is deep and incredibly engaging and the Gameplay while having its flat spots has some incredibly tense moments when either navigating your way through BT infested area’s or at odds with Package hungry MULE’s.

Planning and preparation is also key, if you don’t take Hematic Grenades with you and you drop on an unexpected BT area you can land yourself in some real trouble and it can create incredibly intense and exciting moments. 

If you enjoy single player games and you enjoy cutscenes, Plot and an engaging storyline then its definitely worth purchasing. If not id probably give this one a miss. 

8.5/10 from me- Its deep, exciting and very very rewarding. 

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