Why Im Collecting For the PS2 More.

Ahh the Humble Ps2

It’s been mentioned a few times now in various circles that the bubble has burst on the retro gaming scene. Largely that statement is true, but sealed collectors that think games are an investment are starting to push prices up once again and it always seems to be Nintendo titles that see the price hike. So whilst all this has been unfolding and the prices of boxed NES, SNES and N64 games seem to be falling slower and slower I decided to add games for a console that most overlook, The Playstation 2!

Just a few of the games i’ve picked up over the last few weeks

With everyone fighting over MarioKart 64 I’ve really enjoyed picking up big bundles of Playstation 2 games for absolute pennies. You can even stroll into CEX with a crisp £5 note and grab yourself a big old dose of retro gaming goodness! 

Whats even better is because the PS5 is just around the corner some Playstation 2 titles will only go up in price. Consoles are cheap too with the fat original ps2 knocking about on marketplace for anywhere between £10-£25 and limited silver and Blue versions for £25 and up. 

A couple of my Top finds

A Few of the titles i’ve found for peanuts are-

Auto Modelista- £3

Metal Slug 5- Came with a ps2 for £20

War Of The Monsters- £4

Godzilla Save The Earth -£5 (complete in really good condition

At 18 years old now the Playstation 2 is almost ready to become an official retro console. Prices will only go up from here so enjoy it while it lasts! 

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