Budget Gaming post 2.0

I have some games!

You can pick DS games up 10 a penny, but the quality of the game you get can be..well, very unappetising. So I’ve tried to pick games that will be more enjoyable. Anyway long story short I got very lucky with not one but TWO good quality games to play. They are-

NEW Super Mario Bros  and Mario Kart DS! I got really lucky with these as they were destined for the bin along with some other games and even a WII. They both work but we did run into some problems with my NDS, It wasn’t reading games but after some cleaning, a few error codes and one or two bad boots it was working again, Result! 

I’ll spend the next two weeks or so now playing both games and come back with how I got on. 

My Budget is £30. The Console cost £10 and the games were a lucky free score. So I have £20 left and we might take a look at some accessories next. 

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